SHOULDERS SIGNS. Francois MALARD's Collection

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Shoulder / Verge Traffic Signs. Variations on texts

If you intend to drive in France, all traffic signs below indicate a problem on the verge !

Don't forget your dictionnary and take this page in your car !

Narrow road and shoulder

No verge

It's qualified on other places : "narrow" or "reduced" !

Not any text !

A few weeks later, after road works.
But a misspelling appears : ( "LL" instead of "L")

A lot of text to read !


Dangerous side ?

Dangerous roadsides : It's simple and everyone knows what it means
Lowered ?

More technical !

White background : problem will remain a long time


It should be used on a lot of roads !

Difference in height

Not consolidated


Non standard : (White and yellow background mixed)

Very often, temporary indication

It seems that all these words can be mixed !

Most current text

Not consolidated

Like in Belgium ?




Difference in height

With flashes  (Ardennes)


Misspelling : accent

Made of wood, fixed on a tree !

Standalone complementary signs !

Complementary small sign without AK14 sign

Photo Gilles Baudlet
Soft shoulder for a long time ?

Belgium frontier

In current language, the word rive is used for river bank.On these signs rive is used for roadside
Photo Ronan Guillot
Big "small sign"
Rives or Rive : Plural or Singular ?"

Very high sign indicating a very low danger !

Variations at a short distance : (Ardennes)

1 km between these 2 handmade wood roadsigns

Quite the same :

Less than 1 km between these 2 signs