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Collection (about 950 photos or drawings) updated on 2009/04/26

NEW Foreign Signs Photos from James D. Teresco

"New" 2007 2008

Cochman's sign, before 1870 !

La Gacilly (56)

In other places : narrow, removed !
Ireland, Achill Island

Traduction of "ABSENCE D'ACCOTEMENT" !

Martin Durocher December 2007

From a long time, I note many manners used to prevent about road dangers

by DDE (French authority that manages roads in each District) and roadworks companies.

The differences are maximum on shoulders' danger avertising.

Unfortunately, I don't get my camera when I need it !

And the traffic sign says "Don't stop, danger '"

I took some risks to get these examples.

Thanks to my passengers who were patient. Thanks to contributors.

Please send by mail your own photos on this topic at :   francois-malard

You will be credited as contributor.

This collection (my only one) is quiet futile.

The writing by DDE of these short texts seems to be futile too !
Only a small number of drivers reads these messages.
A lot of persons who look at my collection, say that they don't really pay attention at these warnings when they drive !

Some Definitions

  Is there no rule ? Each DDE or each signs supplier can invent ?

Some items to respond           =>   Texts are not standardized !

Standards and vocabulary

On shoulders, animals are living !
Don't use it.

Côtes d'Armor

MORMAL forest (59)

Corbion (Belgique)